Using it share value business model, LEN brought together Gridless Power (www.Gridless.com), Rural Renewable Energy Alliance (www.rreal.org) and the Liberian Embassy in Washington DC to install a 1 kW Gridless CORE unit at Phebe Hospital in Bong County to serve as a pilot and demonstration project of how solar off-grid power can solve the Liberian Healthcare power crisis.

The unit, installed in June 2015 in a matter of hours by the Phebe electrical staff, is being used to supply power to critical care facilities at the hospital. Powering the Emergency Room and Operating Room 24-hours a day, the unit now allows staff to carry out life –saving medical procedures at any time day or night. Before the unit was installed, the Hospital, which is paying $14,000 a month to run its generators four hours a day, and could not perform, needed emergency care for much of the night.

This installation is being used as a pilot to demonstrate the system’s ability to provide dependable and sustainable electrical power to health care facilities in Liberia. It can meet all of the electrical power needs of a typical Liberian health care clinic, including lights, refrigeration and fans. The Ebola epidemic highlighted the lack of reliable electrical power at virtually all of the health care facilities throughout Liberia. This lack of power was a serious impediment to health care providers being able to provide around the clock care for patients.

Easy to install and operate, using “plug and play” technology the unit is rugged and water resistant so it can withstand the harsh conditions found in the rural areas of Liberia and provide years of clean, reliable power with virtually no maintenance or operating costs. The unit is the first step in LEN’s expansion beyond meeting the basic foundation lighting needs of individual Liberians, to meet the needs of businesses, schools, various civic institutions, and government as well as wealthier households.